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Our goal is to promote and defend the right to life of all innocent human beings, from the time of conception until natural death.

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At Darke County Right to Life, we do everything we can to support the pro-life movement. Our goal is to achieve an Ohio where every child is protected by law as they are welcomed into the world; where every pregnant mother receives what she needs when facing a difficult pregnancy; and where every terminally ill person has access to pain relief and is protected from euthanasia and assisted suicide.

We are a pro-life chapter of Ohio Right to Life and a member of National Right to Life.


OCTOBER 5 TH - OHIO MARCH OF LIFE With the Supreme Court ruling on the Dodd’s ruling, the decision on life issues has been sent to the individual states. Ohio […]

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Life Chain believes the end of legal abortion rests with us and that the forces sustaining the killing will yield when we repent and break the oppressive stronghold that blinds […]

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Our Pro-Life Beliefs


We encourage families who are able to adopt. Additionally, we help adopting families explore their support system. Therefore, they have the strength they need to seek services when issues arise throughout their adoption experience.

Eugenics and Fetal Experimentation

Of all human beings, pre-born human life is most vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. Our pro-life organization stands firmly against eugenics, fetal experimentation, and other horrible beliefs that demean the value of life.


Euthanasia is the purposeful killing by act or omission of a dependent human being for his/her alleged benefit. We believe in supporting the humane treatment of terminally-ill patients by reducing their pain and increasing their comfort. 

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the modern-day practice of slavery. There are countless victims of human trafficking. These victims are forced or coerced into labor or sexual exploitation for the financial gain of another person. Our pro-life group stands against human trafficking.

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